The Concept of Mozilla Tunisia’s websites and services

Since the website mainly represents the image of the community , it should be well presented and its entities should be adapted to the community’s needs and to those who want to contribute by offerring a well structured documentation.
Hence the idea to present a  documentation that containes the global architecture of our website in  order to better understand the work that still needs to be done and  especially to ensure the proper fonctioning of the platform.
                             Capture du 2013-06-29 20:09:24
The main page of the website:
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What’s the purpose of this page?:
First we didn’t have projects or important informations to include in the home page except some articles. But after two years of work, we are committed to display all the new and upcoming projects to public and to provide them with our several tools with the purpose of facilitating the process to join us and to contribute to our projects.
Documenting EVERYTHING:
One of the most essential steps is documenting everything since the beginning so everyone can see what are we up to.
«About Us» page:
This page answers 3 basic questions: “What is Mozilla?”, “What is Mozilla Tunisia” and “How do I join?”
«Contribute» page:
In this page we try to provide as many information as possible with the minimum of text.
A new contributor will not likely pass hours searching or reading the details to understand what we do in Mozilla, since his first contact with us. So I had the idea of having them contributors passing through steps aka tabs to get the whole picture.
The first tab represents all the domains that one can contribute in.
The rest of the tabs detail the contributing domains, one per tab where you can find links for other pages containing more detailed information for that exact domain (generally wiki pages).
Also, Contribute page contains two buttons (Mailing List and IRC) that can put them in direct contact with the Mozilla Tunisia community.
You can find more details here:
Mozilla Tunisia sub domains:

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